Wrestling with Sass

Sassy commentary from a failed journalist


March 2017

Friday List #9 The Tumblr¬†logs the 'Humanitarians of Tinder' i.e. people who visit different countries and take photos with children of colour to land dates. Peruse here. Whenever I go 'deep' on Wikipedia I usually end of stumbling around articles surrounding the... Continue Reading →

Friday List #8 Really enjoyed playing with these visualisations of standard statistical and analysis models. Play here. It was vaguely warm in Bristol this week so make sure when it starts being sunny that you're in the perfect time and place for... Continue Reading →

Friday List #7 If you're like me and are obsessed with nice looking interiors you'll never implement because you're a shitpig of a human being then you'll like This Old Apartment Tumblr.¬† I needed a general stock image of a sign recently... Continue Reading →

Friday List #6

Friday List 6: Black flag, bielefeld conspiracy, nikelab and throws

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