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February 2017

Friday List #5

  • In vino veritas translates to “in wine, truth” which suggests that when you drink you end up telling your truth even if you don’t want to. It’s something I’d like to say in conversation at some point and people would think I’m as smart as Hannibal. Read more.
  • Binging with Babish is one of my favourite YouTube series, he cooks famous dishes from TV and film and makes me inordinately hungry at lunch. Check his video on Kevin’s Famous Chilli from one of my favourite scenes in the office. Watch here

Friday List #4

  • Some really cool looking UI examples are compiled by, lots of nice design. Read here
  • I wrote an article about pizza in Bristol for Buzzfeed, you can comment about how Flour&Ash isn’t on there here. Read here.
  • The Arnolfini in Bristol has a lot of cool looking School of Life products, founded by Alain De Botton who wrote one of my favourite books ever Essays in Love. I liked the ‘Calm’ prompt cards. Look here.


Friday List #3

  • If you’ve ever played Firewatch I’d recommend reading Philip Connor’s long read about working in one of the last few remaining watchtowers in America – read it here.
  • The Dinorwig Power Station is buried within Snowdonia National Park and provides a short-term rapid response to power change within the UK’s electrical grid. Basically, it’s the grid for the ‘TV Pick up’ when a popular TV has a commercial break and everyone in the UK goes to make a cup of tea – I think it’s beautiful.
  • The British Library has a Flickr account where you can look at lots of historical and archival images – have an explore.

Friday List #2

  • I went into a 90’s dark-hole a few nights ago and ended up watching lot’s of old interviews with Marilyn Manson. Having read his autobiography it’s obvious he’s a real piece of shit, but an interesting and intelligent one. Check him out of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (Oh the 90’s were an odd time)
  • Watch OJ: Made in America the documentary TV series tipped for an Oscar, even though it’s five 1 1/2 hour episodes rather than a movie, which The Atlantic covered in December as a changing TV/Film model for Hollywood. 
  • In March I’ll be walking up  The Pap of Glencoe in the Highlands, I’ve only done a big walk once and it nearly killed me so potentially once I get up there I’ll never come down. Pap means ‘this hill looks like a tit’ which led me to the excellent Wikipedia page Breast-shaped Hills – not dick ones tho.
  • An old article from Games Radar, but this documents the propaganda within Bioshock Infinite, one of my favourite games. Need to get some of these tattooed on me soon.

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