Okay, it has been a while, but to the loyal 20-30 people who read this. I see you. I appreciate you. Sorry for being lazy.

  • I very much need this poster, a frame that fits it and an adult with a drill to come put it on my wall, please. Purchase here. 

Love this, Style is an Algorithm looks at taste optimisation, machine curation and how the future of fashion might be dictated in the future and generally, how the world will be. A long-read but a worthy investment, lots of goodies. Conform here.

  • Very Good compiles just a mood board of clothing and accessories that have been vetted by members. Peruse here. 

LOT is a subscription-based service for your clothing needs. I was fully ready to purchase this for the idea of an easy life where you just get sent the same exact clothes for a year, a uniform for the modern age. Read here. 

  • The four spaghetti recipes you’ll ever need is music to my ears. As someone who plans on only eating pasta every day for the rest of her life, I need have all these ingredients on hand constantly. Dig in here. 

Not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I do love this blog. Fonts in Use is oddly satisfying. Check it out here. 

  • Have you heard of the online university PragerU? I hadn’t, but after reading this it seems like it’s not meant for me. Great article about how a right-wing website masquerading as a university is winning the culture war online. Read more here. 

Fascinating and terrifying long-read about how Kevin Cooper has been in jail for murder since 1983 and it’s likely he was framed. Read more here.