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Friday List #36

  Loved this interactive website on the all the phantom islands that have been reported by seafarers while they were exploring the world. Get lost here.  Enjoyed this video of people in 292 movies dancing to music. Made me realise... Continue Reading →

Friday List #24

My week is ruined by rediscovering Cookie Clicker, one of the most pointless but satisfying browser games ever. Get clicking here. Really interesting long-read from Sam Kriss about the various theories, conspiracy and philosophical, that surround the planet Saturn. Read... Continue Reading →

Where to get Cider in Berlin

Cider is amazing. However, Germany has been slow to catch on to its amazingness. Which makes sense, the beer-drinking country of the world isn't going to give up its best asset easy. However, in the past few years, cider has... Continue Reading →

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