• EatThisMuch is a really useful looking website, haven’t had a chance to use it yet but a good site to see how much food you can eat with limited calories. Read here.
  • Being enjoying having a look round Reserved, never heard of it as a shop before but some really nice clothes and wow do I need to buy some clothes. Check it out here.
  • Every HBO show ranked from best-to-worst. A great list and reference even though I don’t agree with some of the author’s choices for the worst shows, there are far too many of these that I want to watch. Bookmark here.
  • Great but depressing long-read about the tragic case of a seemingly perfect American teenager who gave birth to a stillborn baby, buried it and is now being tried for murder. Horrific but important read to shine a light on how America worships foetuses and punishes women. Read here. 
  • Notice that Netflix images for TV shows and films change seemingly at random? The Netflix Tech team explains why this happens and how it incentivizes you to watch something you maybe didn’t consider before. Read here.