• Loved this interactive website on the all the phantom islands that have been reported by seafarers while they were exploring the world. Get lost here. 
  • Enjoyed this video of people in 292 movies dancing to music. Made me realise how many films I’ve seen after I recognised most of the scenes. Check it out here.
  • Really love all these vintage US bits and bobs, very pricey but a nice imaginary pursue. Imagine here.
  • Stumbled onto this article from somewhere and got very weirded out by this corner of the internet. Check out this weird 10-minute video styled like an advert that scared the shit out of everyone, called ‘Unedited Footage of a Bear’. Don’t sleep here. 
  • Loved this Twitter thread from writer Sean T. Collins about the visual horror image after seeing the excellent film Hereditary, how many films do you recognise? Read here. 
  • Love this shop just full of crazy obscure Simpsons references, especially this one. Shop here.
  • I’ve realised that I’ve seen barely any critically acclaimed films from the 80’s so I’m going to start with Children of a Lesser God. 
  • An achingly gorgeous interactive long-read from the New York Times about whether Kevin Cooper was framed for murder. Read here.