• The most interesting take I’ve seen on what’s wrong with the Men’s Rights movement, ‘I was a men’s rights activist’ in Mel Magazine – read here.
  • I’ve recently developed lines under my eyes due to some eye condition and Berlin being dry as hell. It’s been my obsession for the past few weeks, reading this from Roxanne Gay’s Unruly Body’s really helped put it in perspective. Age gracefully here. 
  • Been missing the English countryside recently and the fact that there are lots of walks just centred around getting to a pub at the end of them – perfection. Drink up here.
  • Just discovered the subreddit /r/mealtimevideos. You know when you have 30 minutes for lunch at your desk and you just want to watch something? There are all short but information videos perfect for that occasion. Check it out here.
  • Gen Z is already bored of the internet. Tbh as a Millenial sometimes I get bored of the internet, sensory overload and all. Bore yourself here. 
  • These Cinemagraphs are erotica and make me feel some type of way. Look here.
  • Someone on Twitter put me onto this infamous email exchange between Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky which Harris himself put online. What the actual fuck is happening. Read here – it’s a do not link so don’t worry about giving traffic to that knobber.