I really liked this article in Mel Magazine, How to date a woman whose only dated assholes, full of useful advice to men of the world. Read here.

I found out MMA fighter ‘Smiling’ Sam Alvey and wife Mckey Alvey (winner of Cycle 11 of ANTM) met at Bristol Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin. The event recreates a visit from Elizabeth I to the UK Bristol in 1574. So, fucking, weird. Read here. 

An older article that I stumbled upon describing the suicide clusters happening in the tech-focused neighbourhood of Palo Alto.  Read here.

I don’t know what this is, but apparently, people on Reddit are touted how great it is to eat an orange in the shower. Check out this subreddit dedicated to the phenomenon. Shower with an orange here. 

Really enjoyed this article from Afua Hirsch about the fantasy of “free speech”. Read here.

I fully hate the culture of tipping, the shaming of it when you don’t tip, it’s a ludicrous way for an economy to work. Which is why I loved ‘The Case Against Tipping in America’ by Eater, showing that tipping is racist, sexist and helps business owners not pay their employees and violating labour laws. Stop tipping here.