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July 2017

Friday List #17

  • The University of Aberystwyth Old College was built in 1791 and looks like a classic straight-from-a-fantasy novel castle. Pretty, everyone go and look at it – Look here.
  • 1920’s Shitposting made me laugh. Here.
  • What YouTube Channel is Great to Binge was a good /r/AskReddit question recently and it had lots of great recommendations. Binge here.
  • This recommendation on /r/AskReddit (again, I know) about how to your correct posture is a nice exercise of habit that has really made my back feel better. Get better posture here. 
  • Check out the 2017 Emmy Nominees, I usually use this as a good starting point to watch some new TV and you should too because everything on this list is banging. Get inspired here.
  • American Pie isn’t American, it was invented in the England. But what American’s did invent was putting a slice of orange coloured ‘cheddar’ cheese, well so I thought. Turns out England invited that too. Be grossed out here.
  • Get stressed out about tapas? Me too. The Economics of Dining as a Couple explains the political stages of eating together as a couple, and how we should all be ‘food communists’. Read here.
  • Mary Shelley would meet her boyfriend, and later husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley at the grave of her mother Mary Wollstonecraft. It’s also where she lost her virginity because Mary Shelley is fucking hardcore. Be scandalised here. Be scandalised here. 

Mary and Percy began meeting each other secretly at Mary Wollstonecraft’s grave in St Pancras Churchyard, and they fell in love—she was nearly 17, he nearly 22. On 26 June 1814, Shelley and Godwin declared their love for one another as Shelley announced he could not hide his “ardent passion”, leading her to in a “sublime and rapturous moment” to say she felt the same way; on either that day or the next, Godwin lost her virginity to Shelley, which tradition claims happened in the cemetery. Godwin described herself as attracted to Shelley’s “wild, intellectual, unearthly looks”


Friday List #16

  • Read the awesome article How We Dress Women For The End Of The World, especially prominent as it seems the trend of dressing like Handmaiden’s at protests is becoming more prominent. Read here. 
  • Never heard of Workaway before but basically, you work somewhere for room + board and it looks pretty rad. My love of Stardew Valley makes me want to give up everything and go work on a farm. Work here. 
  • Loved @Jumpgyal’s Twitter thread of words in other languages that explain emotions we can’t. I like the German word ‘Mauerbauertraurigkeit: The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.’ Read it here. 
  • Did you know you can go to Poland and take part in huge LARPING events for like five days and it looks fucking cool? There’s a lot in Poland but Oldtown Festival looks like a rad Fallout/Bioshock nightmare. Go here. 
  • This article from McSweeneys made me laugh. ‘AN ORAL HISTORY OF QUENTIN TARANTINO AS TOLD TO ME BY MEN I’VE DATED’. Read here. 
  • Peruse a list of ‘folly’s’ i.e. buildings that serve no purpose other than for decoration. Read here.

Where to get Cider in Berlin

Cider is amazing. However, Germany has been slow to catch on to its amazingness. Which makes sense, the beer-drinking country of the world isn’t going to give up its best asset easy. However, in the past few years, cider has become more prominent. That’s not me saying that I’ve only lived here for two months after leaving the cider-drinking capital of the world – Bristol. But long-term Berliners have noticed a sizable increase in cider availability in bars, supermarkets and spätis. So here’s a list of bars I’ve managed to get that sweet, sweet nectar.

  1. Das Gift


Literally meaning “what’s your poison?” in German. Obviously, a Scottish themed bar is going to have UK exports, as well as Buckfast and an excellent Scottish breakfast Das Gift also stocks Aspall in bottles. A bit pricey (well for Berlin) but hey, the bottle looks fancy as hell so you won’t feel too ripped off.
Donaustraße 119, 12043 Berlin

2. Tristeza

Image result for tristeza berlin

Sporting a queer punk collective vibe Tristeza has rad outdoor seating and is somehow as dark in the day as it is in the night thanks to its moody lighting. Best of all, they serve Strongbow on tap in Steins, now if you’ve gone without cider in a while then it’s likely you’re not going to turn up your nose at a full pint of the cold stuff.
Pannierstr.5, 12047 Berlin 

3. Ä

Image result for ae bar neukolln

Weserstraße is full of rad bars but A is fairly unpretentious apart from its affinity with being pitch black apart from a few precariously positioned candles. It’s another place that has obviously been sold the fancy Aspall in a fancy bottle by a travelling cider salesman, again a tad overpriced but it’s served ice cold.
Weserstraße 40, 12045 Berlin

4. UnterRock 

Image result for unterrock berlin

A nice little spot where I saw Non-Canon play some acoustic jams also serves the Berlin made, OBC Berliner cider which comes in three times Classic, Rose and Strong (it’s only 5%) The bartender also serves you your drinks and you pay a tab at the end, something that seemed to be standard in every bar I went to a few years ago but seems to have fallen out of fashion – or I’m going to less classy places.
Fürbringerstraße 20A, 10961 Berlin

5. Banja Luka

Image result for banja luka berlin

Just opposite Music & Peace which is a rad music venue is Banja Luka. A great hidden beer garden for those who don’t like a more rowdy crowd Banja Luka is a great place to take people on a sunny day. Serving another Berlin brewed cider Ostmost, which comes in two styles Wild and Dry.

Falckensteinstraße 1-2, 10997 Berlin

6. Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Image result for monster ronsons

Ignore their terrible website Monster Ronson’s is really awesome. Just opposite Warschauer Strasse, you’ll find a whole host of events going on, I’ve only ever been on their drag nights on a Tuesday hosted by PANSY but I’ve heard from others that their hosted Karaoke nights are pretty spectacular. They serve cocktails and bottles of ‘Golden Apple’ Strongbow which isn’t dry like regular Strongbow but pretty sweet, so prepare for that sugar headache.
Warschauer Str. 34, 10243 Berlin


Image result for home bar berlin

Full disclosure I haven’t been here but someone told me they serve Aspall on tap and their menu appears to back it up. They also have a full range of craft beer and other ales on offer so you won’t feel bad when you drag your friends here so you can have a pint ‘o apples. They also do pub quizzes, DJ nights, the lot in the heart of Fredrichstein.
Neue Bahnhofstraße 23, 10245 Berlin

This is an ongoing list, so if you have any suggestions then comment below!

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