Wrestling with Sass

Sassy commentary from a failed journalist



The case against homeopathy in Bristol

In a recent report by Buzzfeed on NHS funded homeopathic care in the UK, Bristol and London were revealed to be the last two places patients could receive homeopathy from the National Health Service. Bristol and London are the two hold-outs... Continue Reading →

Your Chiropractor isn’t Helping You

Chiropractic therapies are very prominent in our society, but what's the medical science behind it?

Is terrible journalism ruining Bristol?

As I looked up at the wreckage of King Street, I smiled sipping my obviously brand sponsored excellent delicious superb Thatcher’s Gold. I had finally got what I wanted. Every craft beer pub, microbrewery and pub that had even vaguely... Continue Reading →

Are craft beer pubs ruining Bristol?

When I bought my first pint in London, it was 2009. Nu-rave was actually considered a genre of music, having a Tumblr account was still considered fairly underground and you could still get phone contracts with unlimited data. “£2.50 is... Continue Reading →

Why does Marvin Rees hate strippers?

Why does the Labour Mayoral candidate for BristolMarvin Rees hate strip clubs?

Bristol vs. London: Let’s not fight

Why is Bristol backlashing against Londoners moving to their city? Is gentrification overcoming the gem of the South West

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