• I went into a 90’s dark-hole a few nights ago and ended up watching lot’s of old interviews with Marilyn Manson. Having read his autobiography it’s obvious he’s a real piece of shit, but an interesting and intelligent one. Check him out of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (Oh the 90’s were an odd time)
  • Watch OJ: Made in America the documentary TV series tipped for an Oscar, even though it’s five 1 1/2 hour episodes rather than a movie, which The Atlantic covered in December as a changing TV/Film model for Hollywood. 
  • In March I’ll be walking up  The Pap of Glencoe in the Highlands, I’ve only done a big walk once and it nearly killed me so potentially once I get up there I’ll never come down. Pap means ‘this hill looks like a tit’ which led me to the excellent Wikipedia page Breast-shaped Hills – not dick ones tho.
  • An old article from Games Radar, but this documents the propaganda within Bioshock Infinite, one of my favourite games. Need to get some of these tattooed on me soon.