• Another helpful AskReddit thread I’ll bookmark and never look too closely at, don’t be like me. Here are some of the most helpful software available online for the low, low price of no money. Get savvy here.
  • I may have already spoken about the Mountain  Boothies Association but I honestly can’t get over how cute all this shit is. These little houses, cabins, sheds are available for anyone who signs up to the boothy association for free – 100% free! Explore away. 
  • I’ve never explored anywhere abandoned but Abandoned Berlin looks the best place to start. Abandoned Berlin.
  • Reading this interview with brother-sister creators of This Country has made me determined to watch it, my love of shit British small towns only grows the further away from them I am. Read here. 
  • I somehow have never heard of Open Culture before but it claims to be the biggest free cultural and educational media on the web. I stumbled upon it because someone tweeted about a large number of Occult books being available online. There’s some pretty amazing stuff here and all free! Get educated here.