Wrestling with Sass

Sassy commentary from a failed journalist



Friday List #34

The most interesting take I've seen on what's wrong with the Men's Rights movement, 'I was a men's rights activist' in Mel Magazine¬†- read here. I've recently developed lines under my eyes due to some eye condition and Berlin being... Continue Reading →

Friday List #25

The 25th installment of Friday Lists

Friday List #22

Fairies, lady bands and leaks

Friday List #21

I didn't know much about Scottish King James I as I swear the UK History curriculum consists of just teaching you about the Tudors and visiting Tintern abbey until you die. Anyway, apparently the sexuality of James I is much... Continue Reading →

Friday List #16

Read the awesome article How We Dress Women For The End Of The World, especially prominent as it seems the trend of dressing like Handmaiden's at protests is becoming more prominent. Read here.¬† Never heard of Workaway before but basically,... Continue Reading →

Why Gone Girl is the Greatest Film of All Time

Is Gone Girl the ultimate female revenge thriller or is it an anti-feminist nightmare? IT'S BOTH AND NEITHER LADS.

Why does Marvin Rees hate strippers?

Why does the Labour Mayoral candidate for BristolMarvin Rees hate strip clubs?

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