Wrestling with Sass

Sassy commentary from a failed journalist



Friday List #35

Okay, it has been a while, but to the loyal 20-30 people who read this. I see you. I appreciate you. Sorry for being lazy. I very much need this poster, a frame that fits it and an adult with... Continue Reading →

Friday List #21

I didn't know much about Scottish King James I as I swear the UK History curriculum consists of just teaching you about the Tudors and visiting Tintern abbey until you die. Anyway, apparently the sexuality of James I is much... Continue Reading →

Friday List #19

All Walls Must Fall is an indie game I heard about through Twitter, obviously leaving in Berlin I'd be interested in playing this tech-noir thriller set in the year 2089 where the Berlin Wall never came down. Read about it... Continue Reading →

Friday List #6

Friday List 6: Black flag, bielefeld conspiracy, nikelab and throws

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