• I didn’t know much about Scottish King James I as I swear the UK History curriculum consists of just teaching you about the Tudors and visiting Tintern abbey until you die. Anyway, apparently the sexuality of James I is much debated owing to the fact that he had a lot of attractive male courtiers, one of whom George Villiers he promoted constantly despite the fact he didn’t hold many monarchal qualities. Read here.
  • Excellent comic from Luke Humphris and The Nib ‘What do we mean when we say “Toxic Masculinity?”‘ Stop conforming here.
  • I’m in love with this relatively new Twitter account ‘Sega CD Games’ – as much as I wish ‘Ecco watches the Titanic sink – let the vortex claim man’s folly’ existed. Explore here.
  • Polyvore might be old news to some but I’ve just discovered it. Users can create their own fashion/outfit mood boards, the best part is that they actually link to where you can buy the clothes as well. Sorry credit card but I just found a bunch of ‘witch’ themed mood boards. Spend here.
  • I wrote 3000 words why RuPaul Drag Race is like Professional Wrestling and you need to read it to justify my existence. Get woke here.
  • Did you know you can access thousands of copyright free images from the British Library? Pretty rad eh?