Wrestling with Sass

Sassy commentary from a failed journalist



Friday List #16

Read the awesome article How We Dress Women For The End Of The World, especially prominent as it seems the trend of dressing like Handmaiden's at protests is becoming more prominent. Read here.  Never heard of Workaway before but basically,... Continue Reading →

Friday List #14

On a Sunday? Yeah, I'm breaking all the rules/was too busy on Friday to post. Someone mentioned Near Dark to me recently and it looks amazing. A western cult vampire flick? I'm sold. Read about it here. I had never... Continue Reading →

An ode to Future Advertising in Film

An ode to some of the most ridiculous examples of future advertising in the movies.

Why Gone Girl is the Greatest Film of All Time

Is Gone Girl the ultimate female revenge thriller or is it an anti-feminist nightmare? IT'S BOTH AND NEITHER LADS.

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