• The bedshelfie is fucking genius and I need one immediately, you know if I wasn’t poor and spending my morning on boring things. Buy it here. 
  • My German boss asked me what ‘mufti’ meant in the UK and I answered that it referred to Mufti Day, when you don’t have to wear your school uniform to school. He then asked what it meant and I replied ‘no idea’. Apparently, it’s similar to saying ‘civvies’ for civilian clothes when military personality are out of uniform. Read about it here. 
  • The Isles of Scilly off of Cornwall had a 335-year war with the Netherlands because some person declared it and Scilly realised it had never been called off, making it one of the longest and bloodless wars ever. Read more here.
  • A great AskReddit thread about the most useful online certifications to get, I’ve still never got my Google Analytics certification even though I use it constantly, some other good resources in here. Get learnin’ here. 
  • Pop Kultur is an awesome looking festival in Kreuzberg in August if you’re interested in going hit me up. Buy tickets here. 
  • I’ve slowly become obsessed with The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn and their activities in the UK and really want this book but it’s a lot of dollah to spend on something so ridiculous, but it’ll be on my wishlist for a while. Read about it here.