Cat leek
Number 20 guys, we did it.
  • Here’s Mark Kermodes 50 films every film fan should watch, some really interesting ones on here, that’s my Sunday’s sorted for the next few weeks. Swot up here.
  • There’s a word for people travelling in the US to see the leaves change, and it’s called ‘leaf peeping’. How delightful. Read more here.
  • Cooping was a form of electoral fraud in the US that functioned by gangs essentially kidnapping people on the street, plying them with booze and beating them. The Gangs of New York portrayed this in a much nicer way. Read more here.
  • People thought Edgar Allen Poe might have been a victim of ‘cooping’ amongst other theories of his death. Edgar Allen Poe was found on October 3rd delirious walking the streets of Baltimore before he died and his cause remains disputed to this die. Read more about it here.
  • The last thing about E.A.P. An unidentified person visited his grave every year on January 19th (Poe’s birthday) and toasted his grave with a glass of cognac, left three roses and the bottle of cognac. This person has been named the Poe Toaster, and for 80 years the person has appeared (although it’s likely it’s a tradition that’s passed from father to son). In 2010 the toasting stopped and the Maryland Historical Society named an anonymous person to revive the tradition. Read more theories here.
  • This house makes me angry, it’s so goddamn beautiful and no one deserves it goddammit. Get envious here. 
  • Beyond the fold and above the fold is a lie, it’s not 1997 anymore. Get informed here.