• The fucking symbol on Lyle’s Golden Syrup is a dead lion surrounded by bees. What the fuck. 
  • I went to a German spa last weekend and got naked because that’s what you do. There’s are lots of theories on why this is a thing, but I couldn’t find anything concrete other than ‘Germans think it’s gross to wear a towel when you’re in a sauna’. I liked this guy’s account of how he fucked up here. Get nudey patootie here.
  • Nice photo essay from The New Yorker – photographs of old college classmates, back then and now. Bonus appearance from Ellie Kemper, check it out. 
  • I like this idea, for better brainstorming, kick off with an embarrassing story. Read here.
  • I have a collage above my bed of beautiful Victorian drawings that follow a ‘woodcut’ style, Anna a tattooist from the White Lodge in Berlin does amazing woodcut tattoos and I’m making it my mission to get something decent sized by her in 2018. Check her out here.