• Had ‘The Future is Female’ T-shirt on my list for quite a while, may need to bite the bullet soon. Discover the future here.
  • After all the sexual harassment stories and the #metoo campaign, I wanted to share again David Schwimmer’s short film series ‘That’s Harassment’ so people who’ve never experience can see how jarring and simple sexual harassment is in everyday life. Watch here.
  • An American colleague introduced me to Jordan’s Furniture – a furniture store chain in New England which inexplicably has huge prop streets, IMAX cinemas and jungle gyms inside its doors. It apparently sells furniture too.
  • Really like this list of The 15 Best Horror Directors of the 21st Century by IndieWire, lots of classics and things I desperately need to watch. Get spooky ooky here.
  • Every year, every Halloween, everyone needs to watch Alyssa Edward’s get a makeover from Sharon Needles. Because it’s amazing. Watch here.
  • I liked this article from The Writing Cooperative, 10 Unusual but Critical Edit Checks Before You Hit Publish.