• Why is phonecall quality so bad? Being in a long-distance relationship for a long time means I’ve tried every which way of calling my significant other and ole’ reliable phone calls are now pretty terrible. Scientific American did a great article about why this is happening in our modern era. Read here. 
  • Introverts, what’s the furthest you’ve gone to avoid people? This /r/AskReddit thread properly cracked me up at work. Avoid here. 
  • CIA archive reveals that Osama bin Laden liked retro-games and anime. Another reason to wipe anime from the face of the earth. Check it out here. 
  • I’ve never read the Kenneth Anger’s classic Hollywood Babylon but it’s next on my list. Be scandalised here. 
  • 4 Tips for Talking to People You Disagree with. Interesting tips from Megan Phelps-Roger who grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Stay calm here. 
  • Love this idea of a ‘Getaway’ house. Small cabins built in the forests so you can get away from it all. Shame it’s only in America. Getaway here.