• Tindhólmur looks fucking cool, I’d like to run to the top of and find a sword that turns out to do no damage because I’m so fucking OP.  Get hype here. 
  • It was recently the anniversary of Kristallnacht, it reminded me that I found out about ‘stolepersteine’ or ‘stumbling blocks’ when I moved to Berlin. They’re scattered all over Europe and basically anywhere where Nazi’s ruined lives, there are quite a few near where I live. You can find out there specific location and what they say if they’re a bit worn. Remember here. 
  • Sometimes I ideally daydream about packing it all in and moving back to a remote part of the UK and trying to grow beets or some shit. Daydream with me about moving to a cottage in the Shetland Isles here. 
  • I went down a rabbit hole of watching The Taylaa testing out a bunch of foundations over the past few years in her – 15 Days of Foundation. I may have spent some money I don’t have, on makeup.  Get full coverage here. 
  • Need these simple productivity tips in my life at the moment. Get pro-active here.