• Keep being bummed out when I discover bands and realise they’re not playing Berlin on their EU tour but are stopping off in my hometown of Bristol. Anyway, go see Slothrust (listen here) on the 28th of October. Buy here.
  • This New York Times interactive article showcases some of the best female-fronted indie, punk and grunge bands – some excellent people to listen to. Explore here.
  • The ever controversial Lenny Letter had a really interesting interview with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, on how women should be smarter with their money and invest. Useful tips here. 
  • The Two Schoolgirls Who Fooled the World Into Believing in Fairies is a nice re-dive into the Cottingley Fairies affair. Read more here.
  • This started going viral on my Twitter but I didn’t realise this information was leaked two years ago in Sony leak. According to a legal licensing agreement between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment, on film Spiderman must always be depicted as white and straight. Read here. 
  • I’m going to try and plug my Game of Thrones gap by rewatching it from episode one along with the other folks from /r/gameofthrones with Discord. Join us at 6pm UK time of 7pm CEST. Join us here.